Initialize ChronoPrism™

Step 1: Dive Pool

Select one of the following dive pools:

FS 4-Way
FS 8-Way
FS 16-Way
MFS 2-Way
VFS 2-Way
VFS 4-Way

Step 2: Documentation (optional)

You have two lines of text into which you can enter whatever you want (e.g. event, training camp, date, etc.). Both lines will show up at the top of each subsequent performance analysis sheet.

Step 3: Formations for First Round

Enter formation numbers and letters (not case sensitive), separated by any non-alphanumeric character (e.g. 12-F-B-8).

Up to 5 or 6 scoring formations can be entered. Longer input strings get truncated.

Formations Fire&Forget Exit
Fire&Forget: Leave empty, if exit is the first formation. Otherwise use either random formation letter or 'X'.


> AXIS Flight School® Draw Generator 6.0

> Re-initialize ChronoPrism™: tap Home button


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